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Panel: College Majors and Future Careers Exploration

Project Introduction

Host 1-2 panels to help high school students explore different academic fields and careers. 

To achieve the objective of exploring different academic fields and careers, students will participate in a panel discussion with college students, alumni, and professionals in various fields. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into different majors and career paths. The program will be carried out through virtual meetings, with panelists joining via video conference. They will use social media platforms to promote the events and engage with potential attendee

Students Specifications 

  • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with potential panelists and event attendees

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail to plan and execute successful events

  • Knowledge of social media platforms to effectively promote events and engage with attendees

  • Interest in higher education and career exploration to effectively plan events and understand the needs of attendees

  • Willingness to learn about different college majors and career paths to better inform event planning and attendee engagement

Mentor Specifications 

  • Rising college freshman and college students

  • Fluent in English

  • Ability to communicate effectively with YLP students and provide guidance and support throughout the planning process

  • Knowledge of college majors and career paths to effectively advise YLP students and provide insight into potential panelists and speakers

  • Experience in event planning and execution to provide guidance and support to YLP students in planning successful events

  • Understanding of the needs and interests of young people in regards to higher education and career exploration to effectively inform event planning and execution

Program Overview

Reach out to people from different fields - this could be fields each student is interested in.

Expected program overcome

The expected program outcome is that high school students will have a better understanding of different academic fields and career paths, which will aid them in making informed decisions about their future academic

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