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Options after High School Seminar

Project Introduction

Host a seminar to inform the public about various options after high school: there are many more paths in addition to college.

Break stereotypes about less popular options beyond high school

Students Specifications 

  • Interested in learning about the different pathways after high school (traditional and non-traditional) 

  • Knowledge of social media platforms to effectively promote events and engage with attendees

  • Interest in higher education and career exploration to effectively plan events and understand the needs of attendees

Mentor Specifications 

- Insights into the different pathways after high school 

- Hosted interviews or participated in seminars before (formal or non-formal)

Program Overview

1. Research about different pathways beyond high school


Community college



Study abroad

2. Make outline for seminar

3. Supplement materials for seminar

4. Advertise

5. Host seminar 

6. Surveys on what the audience knew before and after high school to verify impact of seminar. 

7. Conclude project with social media post that summarizes the information presented in seminars.  

Expected program overcome

Host at least 1 seminar that explains the various options beyond high school, how to determine your fit, and break common stereotypes. Successfully impact 30 people’s insights regarding life after high school through both seminars and social media posts (track number of views, replies, likes…)

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