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Careers Interview

Project Introduction

The project is to create a series of interview podcasts with people from different career fields and learn about their experiences. Spread advice and knowledge for interested audiences. 

Students Specifications 

  • Interested in learning about career options after high school, during/after college

  • Determined to talk and interview older students

  • Fluent in English

Mentor Specifications 

  • Experience on interviews + networking

  • Fluent in English

  • Have personal experience or prior knowledge to career options after high school

Program Overview

1. Construct overarching goal for podcast1. Construct overarching goal for podcast

  • 2. Reach out to people from different fields - this could be fields each student is interested in.

  • 3. Interview prep

  • 4. Interview and editing.

Expected program overcome

To create at least 3 interviews during the 5 week period and obtain quality content.

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