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ISWL tutor

Tutor Program

About the Role

Responsible for teaching English and guiding learning, grasping students' level according to the characteristics of the subject, fully mobilizing students' learning interest and enthusiasm, and developing thinking ability.

We offer language help courses specifically for non-native speakers to help improve expression. The goal of the courses is to help students who are not confident in their English skills and to reduce the impact of language problems on their lives and studies. Students will learn the language and cultural knowledge relevant to the academic environment, expand their academic vocabulary, and develop confidence in their English skills. Tutors need to help them become fluent in higher-level grammatical structures and learn to "think" in the target language, meaning learning to use the language without relying heavily on their first language.


  • Native English level

  • Good at finding students' language problems and helping them to improve their English

  • Patient and responsible, love and know how to teach

  • Long-term teaching with high attendance guaranteed

Application deadline:

What you can gain:


- Volunteer hours

- Personal resume featured on ISWL website

- Service experience within the community

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