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Chinese Basic Reading

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Course Detail

Chinese basic reading class focuses on understanding the text "The Tadpole Looking for its Mother". It improves students' reading ability by analyzing and understanding the content of the text, analyzing new words (the meaning of words that students have not mastered before), and further understanding the basic descriptive techniques in literary works (metaphors, personification and other rhetorical techniques) through the content of the text. After the course, students can clearly express the main content of the text and the inspiration it brings to students.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Improving skills in reading

  • Accumulate good words and sentences

  • Learn essential Chinese vocabulary and sentence patterns

Time: EST Tue + Thu 9p.m.-10p.m.

Google meeting

Student requirement

If conditions permit, it is best to have students to turn on their cameras. First, the teacher can adjust the teaching content according to the students' class status. Second, it can maximize the students' concentration. Eating while listening to the class is not allowed during class, and there will be appropriate rest and relaxation time in the middle. Students need to prepare pencils, erasers and notebooks.

Your tutor

Shuting Zheng
Shuting Zheng is a senior high school student.
She is honored to be the basic reading teacher for this summer class. She hopes that in the coming sessions, students can learn from each other and make progress together.
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Academy Proof:

Teaching style: Natural type (not artificial or deliberately exaggerated, but eloquently and carefully induced)

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