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AP biology

This is the AP Biology class where students will be learning about the diversity and complexity of all living beings! The AP Biology class aims to cover all 8 units CollegeBoard has officially released and test-taking strategies with official practice problems provided. It aims to give students basic understanding of all the units and methods to tackle them so all that's left to do is practice independently! Due to time constraints, unfortunately this class will have homework in the form of MCQ or FRQ practice :(
( these questions will be separately graded by me and gone over each class)

The teaching process will follow this format:
Review last session’s key concepts and homework
New Material
Break 5 min

Students Requirement

Bring a positive learning attitude, a pencil and a notebook preferably, although any sheet of paper will due. Cameras will not be required to be on!

Thu + Sat 8-9pm EST
Online: Google meeting

Your tutor
Ling Liang

Ling is a senior at Irvington High in California, and she will be the AP Bio instructor at ISWL! Some of her personal achievements: she is proud of are surviving the infamous AP Chem teacher at our school and reaching the semi-finals of the USABO, the USA Bio-Olympiad. Also eating the ghost pepper.

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